This year has been one of the roughest I've lived through.  I'm very fortunate that my 94 year-old mom is still with us.  It's been a year of a lot of changes for her, and me.  I'm finally in a position to know that she is safe.  Safer than she would be in my care, and she's adapting well to what's happening in her life.  I hope to be able to focus on my guiitar work, again.

Besides the personal problems I've lived through, it seems like half the world is nuts.  I have an anti vaxer in my own family.  Our democratic (?) Republic is on the brink of being tured into an autocracy.  Another world-wide depression is looming on the horizon.  The economic distance between the haves, and have nots is larger than it's been at anytime since the Great Deprssion, but we're not supposed to know that.  There must be a more equitable way to distibute the bounty that rests with the 1%.  What can they do with it all, besides use it to control the rest of us.  There's gotta be a better way.

I wonder, will Jeffrey Epstein, and his minions, be held accountable; and will we ever know the names of the  rich, well-connected johns that he pimped for?  Will those responsible for the Covid deaths of over 700,00 people be held accountable?  Will I be able to discern the difference between actual conspiracies, and the phonies that are thrown out to waste people's time, and turn them into haters?  There's so damned many of them.  IDK.

So, enough opining.  I'm trying to regularily be at the Lakewood Music Collective on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  I'm not always available to walk ins, though.  Sometimes, I might actually  be trying to work on someone's instrument.  For those who have questions, or got to "talk to the guy",  half hour consultations can be booked at the lesson rate at the LMC.  Music lessons, and these consultations are booked at $25/half hour.  All I need to know is what you would like to talk about in advance; and at these consultatons, I'll spill everything I know, and chew your ears off.  Please call me direct, or call the LMC to arrange a time.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are good right now, with Saturday's also being a possibility.

The LMC is open 2-7pm Mon-Thurs, and 10am-2pm on Saturdays.  Repair tags are available at drop off, and the more information you can leave, the better I'll know how to approach your instrument.  Chris, Stephanie, and the rest of the gang at the LMC will help you fill it out.  Then I will always call with a diagnosis, and an estimate before beginning any work.  I'm sorry to say, I'm in no position to do anything in a hurry.  At any given time, I have between 12 and 20 intruments in front of me, waiting for my attention.  If circumstances allow, I try to work them in the order they arrive.  That's not always possibe, for various reasons.

In a world where our phones have been turned intop kryptonite, and nobody answers the phone anymore, communication can be difficult.  Spam phone calls are another way to beat us all into submission, no matter how much the population complains about robocalls.  Our politicians are certainly looking out for someone.  I don't think it's the riff-raff like me, though.  I'm debating whether or not to leave messages.  It seems no one listens to them, anyway; unless they're forced to.  Anyway, if you're a new caller, please leave a short message so I can put you in the phone, and recognize you for future communications.  Texting now available as well.

Thanks to everyone who has hung in with me.  The last three years have been difficult for my family, and have not had a positive effect on my business.  It's been a rough year-and-a-half for all of us, though.  I hope to start improving my end of things, starting this month.

Thanks, Everyone,


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