This list is from many years ago.  I didn't know what many of the folks who have come through Vance Music Studios, or the LMC at the same location, have been up to.  Many of them belong on this list.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have supported Wright Guitar though the years.


 Thanks to:

Just some of the people Iíve done work for, and some of their works.
Roger Marcus, The Unplugged Acoustic Collection
Eddie White, A Christmas Wish
Elise Reid, Ms. Demeanor
Gary Aprile and Kip Reed: Grupo Brasil, Greetings from Cleveland De Janeiro
Tom Nemerousky: Unco-Quid
Bob Ferrazza: The Way I Like It
Paul Micheal: the Adults, Playing a Kids Game
Mike Ghoulandris: Nightcrawler, Soldiers in Time, Nightcrawler
Ray Fogg: Waves, Kiss My Bass, Iím Busy
Sean Moore: Inisfree, Unplugged
Kevin Mc Carthy: Ex Cats, Busy Dreaming; Cletus Black Project
Sean Nye: Swing That Thing (Brian Davidson on guitar)
Greg Zyzyk: Hot Tin Roof (also of Midtown Recording)
Tim Pevec: Throckmorton, Peacemeal
John & Fred De Marco: The De Marco Brothers, Shipwrecked
Tom Aust: the T & L Group, Wolff Sounds Recording
Mike Binder: The Kingbees
Tony Pine: Lint, Lint, In the Pocket
Dan Rose: The Flat Erth Project, Off the Map
Alec De Gabrielle: Alec & Darby Folk, Scared Stiff of Work; The New Barleycorn,
Live At Flanneryís,In the Woods, and others
John Delaney: the New Barleycorn, also
Pat Dailey: the Put-in Bay legend
Gary Hall: Acoustic Harvest III, Fertile Land ( two cuts)
Al Forkapa: Kevin Cyka, Wishful Thinking
Tim Askin: Sultans of Bing; The Mook, Augustine
Fred Jackson: Shades of Gray
J.J.Farris: Slamminí ys
Jeff Hurd: the Nightwalkers, Heartache Boulevard, I Canít Help It
Paul Baker: Brigidís Cross, ÖLet the Freebird Fly, Blue Rose, We Have a Dream
Billy Sullivan: All American Popster, Fred Jacksonís Shades of Gray
Mark Dutton: Music from ďMy New AdvisorĒ
Pete Cavano: Solo Guitar, Story Without Words
Dave Miller: Rogue, Life in the Morgue
The Supersuckers
Travis Haddix: Donít Take My Word For It, I Dig My Gigg
Lynn Roath: Flatbush, Tired of Breakin My Back, Baby Love
Jim Gluyas: Separate Checks, State of the Art, Another Word for Love
Jack Kilcoyne: Mushroomhead
John Everson: John called Mark, The Money
Gio Mastro: Giovanni Michael Mastro, Find Ourseves
Jacob Brady: Shades of Grey, Color Soup
Anne DeChant: The Aroara Compilation, Effort of the Spin

Thanks to Bob Schick for the mention on his site:

There is no way to include all of the folks I owe thanks to: For their patronage, their patience, their support, and more.  Thank You, one and all.

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Regarding New Instruments

As always, there is nothing wrong with a new instrument that $40 to $140 will not take care of. That can be said about practically anything off the shelf out there. A new acoustic of good quality may not take as much effort to tweak in, but most of the electric guitars, and basses out there will fall into the above category. That’s everything from a $99.95 Sam Ash Rock Ax, to a $5000 Gibson 1960 Les Paul Reissue. Set-ups, fret detail, and a general once over on how this stuff is assembled will make a big difference in an instrument"s performance. Do I mean, like a brand-new, just out of the box, "I just bought it" guitar may need work? Yes, that’s right!

Most brand new stuff is not ready for primetime performance straight out of the box. The fact that this is so should not discourage you from having the extra detail work performed that truly allows an instrument to be all that it can be. We are not born to play a musical instrument in a natural manner. Every virtuoso has spent some time in the woodshed learning how to tame the beast that they have chosen as their instrument of expression. It is the desire to make music, combined with the repetitions of practicing, which evolve a person into one who can musically express themselves. In this process, it is nice to know that the inanimate object, your instrument, is working like it is supposed to. That is what I do my best to deal with in my set-up, repair, and restoration work.