I'll be posting items for sale here, soon.  A few old books, and catalogs, and other leftover detritus from repairing for 50 years.

The following items are for sale.   Will be glad to send pics by email, if requested.
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EMG H1 High Impedeance humbucking pickup, used.  Silver logo on black-chrome cover, ceramic magnet, four-conductor output wire.  $25.00

Carvin Humbuck, C2Z.  Black coils, 22 pole-pieces, Alnico vintage style magnet (PAF), four-conductor output.  $24.00

Duncan Designed Korean Humbuck.  Gold cover, Wide String Spacing, four-conductor output, $12.00

Indie Korean Humbuck, PAF Style, chrome cover, regulatr string spacing, 2-conductor output.  $10.00

Rolls CGi 404  Audio Computer Interface:  Mic input, 12V phantom power, built in stereo phono pre-amp, ducking.  Can be powered by computer power supply, or a wall wart.  See Rolls web-site  $20.00

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