New T-style Build

This one is done, and has come out rather nicely, if I do say so myself.  But, what do I know?

T'was almost done,
This instrument is available for $1985.00 w/hardshell tweed case. 

It's components were hand picked, assembled, and completely set-up by me.  Highlights are an extremely light, highly figured body, with a torrified maple neck.  6105 fret wire, and an EMG prototype Tele style pickup system with new exposed alnico pole pieces.  They replicate classic tele tone, without the noise, even more authentically than the original t-system.  I've also installed their SPC EQ which simulates the sound, and tone of a humbuck, making this piece truly versitile.  All pickup combinatins available.  Instrument wheighs under 6 lbs.

Pickguard installed to protect top prior to sale, and is completely removable.  Stop by to check it out.  All inquiries welcome.

but then
it wasn't.
New Custum T-thinline
The following items are for sale, and can be viewed locally at Vance Music Studios.  Will be glad to send pics by email, if neccessary.
My direct phone number is 440-799-4713

SOLD! Played this for 1.5 years. Great Guitar
For Sale: Guitars, and pickups, and Misc....

One set Bare-Knuckle Humbucking Pickups
.  Miracle Man matched set, with burnt-chrome covers.  High output ceramic magnets, hand wound from England.  Used.  $275.00 for the pair

All Parts Maple Strat Style neck.  Big frets, already dressed, 12" radius, played little $90.00

EMG Afterburner Pre-Amp.  NOS pre-amp will work with passive, or active pickups, and puts 3 to 20 db of boost at your fingertips.  $32.00

EMG H1 High Impedeance humbucking pickup, used.  Silver logo on black-chrome cover, ceramic magnet, four-conductor output wire.  $36.00

Fender Humbuck, used, double white coils.  Out of a Strat wiring harness.  Four-conductor output cable.  $32.00

Carvin Humbuck, C2Z.  Black coils, 22 pole-pieces, Alnico vintage style magnet (PAF), four-conductor output.  $32.00

Duncan Designed Korean Humbuck.  Gold cover, Wide String Spacing, four-conductor output, $15.00

Indie Korean Humbuck, PAF Style, chrome cover, regulatr string spacing, 2-conductor output.  $12.00

Rolls CGi 404  Audio Computer Interface:  Mic input, 12V phantom power, built in stereo phono pre-amp, ducking.  Can be powered by computer power supply, or a wall wart.  See Rolls web-site  $70.00

Me at Work ?
From 2007 w/ HR Custum