Hello to anyone stopping by to visit.  In spite of how wacked everything is, I'm still doing repair work out of the Lakewood Music Collective in Lakewood.  Drop offs and pickups are arranged by appointment.  I have to thank the folks who have contacted me so far.  Some players are getting their instrument in shape while they have extra time to practice, and play.  So, if you're looking to have any work done, I'm still available.  Phone is 440-799-4713.

It is the time of year where instruments are changing from winter adjustments, to summer.  The weather has still been all over the place, but should stabilize within the next month.  Wish we could say the same about our lives.  I can only hope that some genuine leaders appear to rise during this unbelievable pandemic.   There seems to be a dearth of that quality up until now.

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Address: 16426 Madison Ave. Lakewood, Ohio
Studio Phone: 216-227-2886
My office phone: 440 799-4713


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