October 2023

Where did the Summer go?

Thanks for checking in.  Turns out, due to some fortuitous circumstances, I still have a place to work, a bench, and access to my tools.  So, I am doing some limited work again. 

 Please call, or text 440-799-4713 if interested.  All work will have to be arranged by Appointment, as I'm not working out of a storefront anymore.  That means no regular hours.  It's irregular, so to speak.  But I am accessible.  Please, call/text ahead, and if you get stuck in voice mail, leave a message.  I will get back to you.

For the moment, I can still do most of what I used to do.  Just cannot do fret levels, recrowns, and total refrets.  I've done to much damage to continue doing that work, anymore.  To myself that is, not to my past jobs.  Thanks for following the site.  I'd be glad to hear from you if I can be of service.
Thanks, everybody,


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