Hello to Everyone,

Happy Fall.  Many thanks to all who have helped support me through the years, not just lately.  I'm only running between 1-2 weeks behind at the moment.  I'm still doing everything I've done in the past, excluding fretwork.  Arthritis is to bad to continue doing so.  Dressing fret ends is not a problem.  It's just difficult to do all the work involved with fret leveling, and refrets.  Any mechanical adjustments, damage, or wiring work is still available.  Also, I am available to those who got questions.  Just give a call, and a time can be arranged.

We will be coming into weather changes that will effect neck adjustments.  Changes won't be neccessarily definitive until the temp drops, and stays there, but fall could bring some movement in neck adjustments.  Don't forget to keep your acoustics in a case,and humidified for the winter.  The types of heating in northeast Ohio can suck a lot of moisture out of an instrument when it's cold outside.  Solid bodies, and most electrics won't care as much; but the acoutic, solid wood instruments will.

I want to encourage everybody to get registered, and vote in November.  I know I don't want no Daddy-Dictator looking out for me, cause they won't.  In spite of what a mess it can be, and often is, our Republic has to stay alive.  A collapse of societal norms is not going to help anyone.  Even the uber rich may not be able to protect themselves from the consequences of railroading the rest of us financially.  I remember when the government put men in space.  Not billionaires going for joyrides in rocket ships.  Not the way it is in this modern era of income disparity.

The LMC is open Mon-Thurs 2:30-7:00pm, at least.  Sometimes later, depending on lessons.  You will want to check Saturday hours regularily, as I have no idea what they are.  Drop offs and pickups can happen anytime the store is open, even when I'm not present.  You can find me around on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays between 2-7 at the Lakewood Music Collective.

The LMC is where to go on the west side for music lessons.  Chris Parsons has put an excellent staff of teachers together on a variety of instruments.  Check out the Studio's web site.  I'm trying to get my consulting, and lesson availability off the ground.  Anyone who wants to pick my brain is invited to do so.  Just can't give it away anymore.  Half hour slots can be booked thrugh the LMC at regular lesson prices.

Once again, thanks to all who have supported Wright Guitar through the years.  I know that if my love of the instrument didn't come across, I'm not sure anyone would talk to me.
Music is prayer.  Music is everything.


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