March 2023

Momentarily Homeless

By now, many of you have figured out that the last location I worked out of no longer exists.  The Lakewood Music Collective closed abruptly at the end of the year, and has left my business temporarily homeless.  So, without my benches and tools available, it's hard for me to do any work at the level I'm used to producing.  That makes me unavailable for new work at this time.  The next question I'm usually asked is "what do I do instead?"  Well gang, I don't know.  There is no direction I can send you where I know you will be properly taken care of.  Rainbow is buried with work on the east side, and I'm unaware of the competence of my west side competitors.  Until I set up again, beware.

This space will be more important than it ever has been, as until further notice, the web-site, facebook, email, and the phone will be the best way to communicate.   There will be a lot of guitar centric items for sale as I wade through the stuff I've accumulated over the years.  That will take a little time to organize.  I'll post items for sale as soon as I'm able.

Many thanks to all who have shared my love of the instruments we try to play.  It will be a leap of faith to discover where life will take me next.  Music hasn't shut me out completely, and I hope there will still be a need for a decent guitar/bass/etc mechanic on this side of town.

Once again, many thanks to all who have supported Wright Guitar through the years. 
Music is prayer.  Music is everything.  I hope we all have an exciting year ahead of us..


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