Summertime, finally,

Please check the www.lakewoodmusiccollective.com web site for current store/studio hours.  Chris and the gang will be trying out new open hours in June.

It's been a rough year in particular, for all of us.  The last three have been tough for me while watching my mom's condition start to decline.  Unfortunately, the near future holds a great deal of time needed to be expended to take care of her.  Anyone looking for fast right now, should look elsewhere, as the unpredictability of the near future is going to disrupt work.  But, anyone who I've had contact with in the last three years knows I've been working under disruptive circumstances for a while.  The good news is that there should be some conclusion to the work, at some time on the horizon.

So, if it's here, I will get to it.  If it's not, well, you get it.  I hope your instrument will be part of your life's new normal; whatever the hell that turns out to be.  We'll all be figuring that out together.  Look on these pages for new stuff to be sold, soon.   Anyone intersted in a beautiful pre-CBS 1966 Fender Super Reverb?

Drop offs are still welcomed during the open hours, and appointments can be arranged for those who can't make it within those hours.   I'm not in a position to do anyting in a hurry, but I'm more particular than ever about the shop's production quality.  The time to turn something around can change, depending on how many other plates are twirling in the air at any given moment. 

The LMC is poised to take off during the summer, and into the new school year.  Music may be more important than ever in helping us all recover from the difficulties we have all faced in the last year.

Chris has lined up a group of new teachers, and greatly expanded the amount of instruments the studio now offers lessons on.  Please give him a call, or drop an email to the Lakewood Music Collective if you would like any info about lessons. 

  I am grateful to still have something to do, and many thanks to all my custumers: past, present, and future.

 Address: 16426 Madison Ave. Lakewood, Ohio
Studio Phone: 216-227-2886
My office phone: 440 799-4713

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